Sonoscape X5

experience, expert, extreme and excellent

sonoscape’s x5, a culmination of years of innovation, is a new expert hand-carried color doppler ultrasound system, combining extreme ergonomic design, excellent image quality, exact diagnosis as well as a wide range of applications for an unprecedented experience. enjoy an easy to use ultrasound system with advance technology that ensures diagnostic confidence at any level of user expertise.

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extreme ergonomic design

  • 15.6 inch high resolution LCD can be viewed from different angles
  • Screen suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Ergonomic design with anti-glare, 180 degree opening angle
  • Compact design and can attach to trolley for easy mobility.

unprecedented experience

  • Extended probe connector can simultaneously connect up to 3 probes.
  • Additional multi-connection box with audio, USB, video, HDMI, foot switch, and ECG ports for increased user flexibility.
  • TF card and High-capacity hard drive for easy storage of data while in transit.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery can also be charged from a vehicle.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection ensures files are up to date.

excellent image quality

  • Built on SonoScape’s compound imaging, X5 reduces speckle while optimizing contrast and border detection in abdominal and superficial scanning.
  • W-scan technology uses real-time processing of algorithms to eliminate speckle and noise artifacts and improves visualization of real tissue information.
  • PIH preserves the harmonic signals without degradation of acoustic information for high detailed images with improved contrast resolution.

exact diagnosis

  • Crystal clear imaging quality with more than 20 different professional transducers, makes X5 ideal for various applications.
  • 3D for OB/GYN application
  • Elastography for radiology in assessing tissue elasticity.
  • Real-time panoramic shows a panoramic view for large tissue.
  • Vis-needle provides needle enhancement, helping biopsy diagnoses anesthesia, emergency room, etc.